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MasC4+ Win in Extreme Weather

The Runcorn Spring Head was hit by extreme weather, the clue for the crews was that balers were handed as we boated! After a very interesting morning division the afternoon's racing was cancelled. It was pretty wild!

The MasC4+ dug incredibly deep, did not miss a single stroke even when their blades were being thrown all over the place by the wind and waves, and did not lose heart when the water came into the boat or even when, at one point, we got hit by the wind and simply stalled for a few strokes. Our split varied from - briefly - less than 2.00 to over 4.30. And we beat our opposition from Liverpool Victoria by over 8 mins, which makes what was a difficult row sound rather easy. Much more impressive is the fact that we beat both the two MasC quads, by 1.3 secs and almost 3 mins respectively!

Also battling against the inclement weather was the Pengwern WMasD8+ who had to stop and bale out a few times.

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