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Welcome to the 'Improvers Squad' section.

Dave Ewels

Dave Ewels - Improvers Coach 

Club Role


Membership Secretary (and Coach)

How did you get into rowing?

At school (Priory Boys) and Pengwern Boat Club pleasure boats (Edwardian type clinker ones).

What do you most enjoy about the sport and the club?

The fellowship at Pengwern - people helping each other. The sport itself? Beating other crews, particularly but not exclusively, from other clubs.

What is the best piece of advice you have received regarding rowing?

Don't let life get in the way of it.

Squad Information

I would like to think that everyone is welcome in our squad, from the most dedicated and ruthless competitor to the friendliest and most laid back social rower, provided that they recognise that the good of their crew or squad comes before their own. Having completed the Pengwern Learn To Row course, the next step is the 'Improvers' squad.


Here you will hone your technique, improve your confidence and have an opportunity to enjoy the sport with people of similar ability. The squad also welcomes those returning to rowing after an enforced absence.

(Image supplied by Dave, confirmed as a true likeness)

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