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Pengwern junior rowers are an enthusiastic bunch. For a relatively small club we have a strong junior section and in recent years our young athletes have enjoyed considerable success at local regattas, national competitions and even on the international stage. This is all thanks to the support they get from a dedicated team of coaches, trailer drivers and other helpers.


Pengwern senior rowers range in age from 18 to around 40, at which point most people are starting to find that they can no longer kid themselves that they are just as good as they were at 25. Senior rowers are the engine room of the club, but they are occasionally given a good run for their money by the more experienced juniors and younger Masters.


Masters rowing is strong at Pengwern with squad members ranging in age from the early 40s up to the mid 70s. Some of these are seasoned athletes with decades of experience, but many have just a year or two's experience, having learned to row at Pengwern late on in life. There is a strong competitive spirit with crews having success at local and national events.


Adaptive rowing caters for those with a physical, sensory or learning impairment. It represents a rapidly growing section of the sport and one in which Great Britain enjoys success at international level competitions. Pengwern Boat Club is pleased to now be able to offer adaptive rowing opportunities.



The intermediate squad forms a bridge between the learn to row courses and the competitive squads listed above. It also provides a home for more experienced rowers who do not wish to train for high level competition or who are a little rusty after time away from the sport.

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