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Wahoo! Digger Wins

Your roving reporter finally caught up with Digger Barnes (49 from Shrewbury) after his amaaaazing row at Stourport Small Boats Head last Sunday. “The conditions rowing up to the start were rubbish and I was cursing the club member who suggested entering this event”. But first back to the beginning of the day.

As it was Remembrance Sunday there were strict instructions to ensure all the morning division boats arrived at the start area in time for the two minute silence. Kailey and Andy duly boated on time and headed off for their inaugural race as a mixed double. The double nicely composed and strong when they passed the clubhouse with another 1000m to go in amongst racing crews and other coming back upstream. Elbows out they ploughed on.

In the afternoon Kailey and Andy split into singles (must have been a rowing tiff) and set off again after a brief tea and recovery. Digger and Jim (coughing, lame excuse #15b) joined them heading up to the marshalling area. Digger turned first to race and responded to “have a good row” with his loudest “Wahoo”.

River conditions had calmed down by race time and everyone put in great effort.

Kailey had a few, as she called them “wobbles” and heart stopping moments but finished in a personal best time, improving her pace compared to the last club time trial.

Tea and cake was next on the agenda and it just so happened that category winners were being announced at the same time. "Masters C/D 1x - Richard Barnes, Pengwern." Who? Oh yes Digger. But he was not to be seen. When he appeared he thought it was a wind-up. (As if we would be so cruel). “Really? Did I? Better fetch my race licence then”

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