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Senior Women's Squad

I have always felt very welcomed by this warm and friendly club. The women's squad has rowers of all ages and a range of experience, from those who have just passed the beginners course, to those who have rowed for years. We use an on-line availability system, and sort crews based on experience, ability and by racing crews. We have sessions on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays, and are often joined by some great coaches. In the winter, we train on land on a Tuesday, using the ergo machines at the club. Water-based sessions are on a Thursday at 6.30pm, Saturdays at 7.30am and Sundays at 8.30am. We also pick up water based sessions on a Tuesday in the summer. Squad members can attend as few or as many sessions as they choose. We train for a number of Head races and Regattas over the year, for those who want to compete. We are also always actively looking for coxes, whether experienced or those wanting to learn. 


Squad Captain - Elizabeth Young - 

Senior Men's Squad

At Pengwern we operate a squad system where there are 3 set session times a week and crews are formed from members declaring availability via an on-line system.  Crew formation takes into account the individual rower’s ability and aspirations. Whenever possible each of these sessions will be coached and those training regularly and wanting to compete will be encouraged with development of training and exercise plans in conjunction with the crew.


Beyond the squad system members are able to form their own crews and train at other times to suit their work and home commitments.The combination of the squad system and ad hoc crews allows Pengwern to offer a flexible approach that should suit all-comers.


Squad Captain - Richard Harris - 

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